We offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services for companies in Jordan, KSA, Egypt, UAE, and the rest of the Middle East. RPA is the cutting-edge technology that enables anyone to create a computer software - a "robot" that can emulate and integrate the tasks of a human interacting within various digital systems to manage a business process. Inspire for Solutions Development is proud to be a Blue Prism Partner and offer Robotic Process Automation solutions to various business sectors in Amman, Riyadh, Cairo.

RPA robots, or Blue Prism Digital Workers, use the user interface to manage data and applications just like humans do. Robots manage and trigger responses, as well as deal with other systems in order to perform on a deep variety of repetitive tasks and procedures.

Only it’s better than your workforce: an RPA robot can operate 24*7, reduces operational risks and scales across the organization.

Blue Prism’s intelligent & connected-RPA platform is created for your operational leaders, providing them with the ability to automate repetitive tasks, freeing them and their teams to focus on more creative, thoughtful work.

Benefits of RPA

RPA vs. Other Enterprise Automation Tools

In comparison with other, traditional IT solutions, RPA empowers organizations to automate at a fraction of the cost and time previously needed. RPA also leverages your current infrastructure without causing any disruption to the systems. With RPA compliance and cost efficiency aren’t an operating cost anymore but a byproduct of the automation.

Blue Prism Digital Workforce
Operating System

Placing best-in-class technological options - including advanced AI capabilities - in the hands of your business leaders through an intelligent, connected and easy to control Digital Workforce Platform

Object Studio icon

Object Studio

Drag-and-drop interface for processes;
Reuse your created events and actions;
Changes permeate object and process libraries.

Digital Workforce icon

Digital Workforce

Autonomous software robots;
Individual system credentials, no sharing;
Enhanced with AI and cognitive capabilities called Intelligent Automation Skills.

Control Room icon

Control Room

Assign processes to Digital Workers;
Scale task and Digital Worker volume;
Real-time transparency of process proficiencies.

Blue Prism
Automation Skills

You can achieve true operational agility, improved productivity and world-class customer experiences with the Blue Prism Digital Workforce. Each Blue Prism Digital Worker has meaningful AI capabilities built right in, developed through six intelligent automation skills.

Knowledge & Insight

The ability to harvest, understand & deliver insights from independent or miltiple data sources

Visual Perception

The ability to read, understand & contextualize visual information


The ability to adapt to process patterns & derive contextual meaning

Plans & Sequences

The ability to optimize workloads & discover opportunities for better outcomes

Problem Solving

The ability to solve logic, business, and system problems autonomously


The ability to work seamlessly alongside people & systems

Inspire for Solutions Development is a Blue Prism Partner in the Middle East

Intelligent Automation for Your Business

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